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ahleuchatistas: Bio

AH - LOO - CHA - TEES - TAS !!!

Ahleuchatistas is guitarist Shane Parish and 

drummer Ryan Oslance on a musical odyssey 

of pure imagination, limitless in influences, combining tight-knit 

composition with improvisation, and delivering 

powerful live shows.

The project was founded in 2002 and 

has evolved organically as the muse leads through the creative 

sonic continuum... 

About the name, two words were once married to

give an identity and conceptual continuity to a 

musical enterprise without limits.  

Ah-leu-cha & Zapatistas.  

The first is the title of  a Charlie Parker song, 

the second that of a revolutionary movement 

which began in Chiapas, Mexico in 1994.  

Musical revolution and social revolution combined 

into a single coinage.  

Movement and the constant outstripping of itself 

are what unifies all the sounds under this single name.